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The conditions and the process of granting the certificate and the title of the Science Friendly Company:

  1. Submitting proposal of granting the SFC title and the certificate to the enterprise by the academic institution,

  2. Acknowledged and documented contribution of the enterprise by the academic institution tothe research initiative conducted by the research associates for example: participation in research initiatives, common realization of the research initiative, accepting a research associate for an internship, etc.

  3. Acceptance of submission by the founders of the initiative,

  4. Preparation of the certificate design and template,

  5. Delivery of the certificate to the enterprise.


Design of the Science Friendly Company certificate:

The leading point of the certificate is the logo and the signature of one of its founders.
The remaining elements of the certificate are fully personalized and include:

  • the name of the academic institution granting the certificate (the certificate may be prepared on the letterhead of the scientific institution),

  • the name of the project or the description of the commitment in the research initiative,

  • the signatures of the certificate granters.

The certificate design
(prepared on the letterhead of the Lodz University of Technology)

[ pdf version ]

An example of the certificate granted for the participation in the research initiative for Kompasja Company:

[ pdf version ]

The certificate is delivered electronically in the resolution that is considered as representative.
In certain exceptions exists a possibility of printing and delivering the certificate.

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